Decision Support

Better Decision Making. Making the right business decision is usually based on the quality of the data and one’s ability to sift through the information and analyze the data to find interpretations or meaningful trends from which solutions and strategies can be created.

Well-designed financial models efficiently analyze and shape data to contruct strategies and make sound decisions.  Karlsons & Associates LLC has designed sophisticated financial models that are dynamic, flexible and, importantly, understandable.


The Process. Gather necessary data, build critical variable assumptions, conduct sensitivity analysis.

Deliverables. Reports, charts, graphs illustrating decision points and multiple assumption results; quantification of funding needs and planned resources.

Financial planning is a continuous process of directing and allocating financial resources to meet strategic goals and objectives.  Once strategic options are identified, financial models can calculate return on investment and as well as the impact on the balance sheet, income statement, financial ratios and cash forecasts.  For expanded decision-making support, real option models provide the means to extend the traditional analysis to value options to delay, expand or abandon a project.

Whether focused on valuation or support for business decisions, consulting services at Karlsons & Associates, LLC  reflect a vast business background and experience combined with skilled financial analysis expertise.   We can help you assess your current situation and provide you with analysis to make critical business decisions.